Reverse types 2 diabetes and high blood pressure without medications

Do you find it hard to keep your blood sugar and blood pressure at normal levels? Do you struggle with eating healthily? Do you need a diet that is easy to follow? Do you find yourself confused about steps to take to manage your condition? Do you need a safe space to share your experience and receive support and encouragement? If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions, Sustain is for you.

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We created Sustain for you

Sustain is a digital care program that helps you reverse type 2 diabetes and hypertension, prevent complications, and live longer. It provides the support, resources and education you need to achieve your health goals. Our program helps you develop and stick with healthy habits that help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure, control your blood sugar, reduce your medications, and increase your energy. We equip you with tools to help you eat healthier, learn new healthy habits, and stick to them which helps you lose weight and reverse your condition. When you join the program, you get your own:

Personal health coach

You get paired with a health coach that supports you every step of the way, answers your questions, helps your create an easy meal plan, helps you form healthy habits, and keeps you accountable.

Online peer group

You get added to a peer group which allows you to share your experiences and challenges. Your peer group keeps you encouraged and accountable. You’ll never feel alone.

Weekly lessons

You get weekly engaging lessons to help you understand how to manage your condition, educate you and inspire you to make better choices. We won’t bore you.

Health tracking tools

You get tools to help to help you track your food, activity, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and your outcomes. When it comes to diabetes and high blood pressure, the more you know, the better.


Real people like Sustain

“My lifestyle has changed dramatically since I joined Sustain. I’ve reduced my blood sugar from 43-38 and had a weight loss of 9.5 kg. The best thing about having my own personal health coach is to have someone that understands my specific needs.”

- Abel Adeleye, Lagos

“Sustain has changed my life. I feel better, weigh less, and have control my blood pressure well. I am excited about continuing to make better choices about my health so I can be there for my family.”

- Uwa Uye, Akwa Ibom

“I’ve found a new side to me that I didn’t realize was buried under all the weight and the bad health. I’ve gone from basically a very inactive lifestyle, just sitting on the couch and reading, to being active. Before Sustain, I didn’t think my diabetes was managable. Sustain has given me my life back.”

- Patricia Anya, Lagos

It’s not just about managing your blood sugar or blood pressure, its about being able to live a long healthy life and spend time with your family and the people that matter to you. Are you ready to start that journey? Join Sustain today!